The only way is Essex…

I’m home!

I’m in complete bliss…I’ve seen my family, I’ve had a three hour soak in an actual bath, I’ve been cooked food and bought clothes and spent the entire morning curled up by the fire doing some reading.

What’s that? You want me to address the elephant in the room? AKA the title of this post?

Yes, believe it or not, I hail from the great and infamous county that is ESSEX.

I can honestly tell you though, the reality of Essex is a lot different to what you see on TV…

Do the OAPs at my bus stop wear Ugg boots, leggings and tracksuits?


Have I ever owned a pink velour tracksuit, a Paul’s Boutique handbag, fake eyelashes and glitter heels?


Despite the stereotypes…and I’m sorry be the one to tell you this…but in actual fact the majority of Essex is countryside. You’re more likely to bump into a loose cow than Amy Childs or Mark Wright (sadly), and yes, this has actually happened to me before; two cows escaped from the pen on the hill and were mooching about on the main road…THIS ISN’T INDIA. I’ve also been stuck on a train on my birthday that was held up by an AWOL ‘orse…oh to be in the country.

My hometown is surrounded by fields; we have one supermarket, a few restaurants, a marina and a farm and that’s about it. I associate home more with open fields, long walks by the river and the smell of horse manure than fake tan, fake tits and hair extensions.


I thought so…

The people at uni sadly don’t seem to be as educated on the geographical reality of my home county…

I’ve had numerous reactions to telling people where I’m from, from the ever-so-lovely “that’s a shame” to “how comes you don’t have an accent?” to being given ‘the eye’ because they automatically assume I’m easy.

Le sigh.

Trust me I’ve heard all the jokes.

In fact I’ll just write some now to save you the trouble:

Q. What do Essex girls use for protection during sex?
A. Bus Shelters.

Q. Why does an Essex girl wear knickers?
A. To keep her ankles warm.

Q. What’s the difference between an Essex girl and an ironing board?
A. Occasionally you have trouble getting the legs apart on an ironingboard.

Q. Why are Essex girls only allowed 30 minute lunch breaks?
A. It takes too long to retrain them if they take an hour.

Q. How do you make an Essex girl laugh on a Saturday?
A. Tell her a joke on a Wednesday.


As a joke I’m considering going back down south in a pink velour tracksuit, my Paul’s Boutique Barbie bag, some fake Uggs and lashings of sparkly jewellery. It would be committing social suicide; people don’t even dress up to go out clubbing at uni (pffft), but it would be so worth the looks on my flatmates’ faces.

I’m sure I could get a hold of some white stilettos.

*Rubs hands together gleefully*

He he.

P.S. My friend may be coming down from Essex to visit next week, watch this space for the mischief we get up to…

P.P.S. If you’re from another country or just have no idea what the “Essex girl” stereotype is I’m referring to go here:



7 thoughts on “The only way is Essex…

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the comment! In answer to your question DO IT. I totally loved my time at William and Mary and it was def the best year of my life. I don’t even know where to begin – it’s just a really great, beautiful school. Everyone is so friendly, you will get so much attention for your accent (?!) and it’s in a great location to travel etc etc. I am actually going back with two friends on Wednesday for homecoming (literally for 4 nights what is wrong with us?!) because it is our last real chance to go back!

    I know this isn’t very specific and you will obviously have proper questions but if you want to give me an email on I would be more than happy to answer any questions (I could talk about it all day!) and also here is mine and my friend Bella’s old blog we did while we were there so you can get an idea of what it was like http://thevirginiamonologues.wordpress .com (Bella is in Exeter this year doing an MA so again would be great to talk to if you had any questions!)


    1. Thank you so much, I will definitely check it out and email you if I have any questions! I’m really annoyed with myself because I missed the study abroad talk…it was one of those days where I knew I had something really important to do but couldn’t remember what haha! Guess I’ll just have to go down to the SA office and ask. It seems like I’ve just stumbled across some the Exeter blogging community today which is fantastic 🙂 xxx

      1. hahaha, no problem just get in touch. Basically if you love America and want the proper American college experience then I would suggest W&M! It’s hard work academically (well not exactly hard but there is lots of it) but you really get a chance to be part of the school community cos it’s a small school. Oh and join a sorority – you will have the best time!


      2. Yep I definitely do! I’ve always wanted to join a sorority, shame I don’t think they’d let me start one over here hehe :P. Is the application process really hard. I applied to the US when I did my UCAS applications and it was a pain in the arse :S xx

      3. I don’t know how history do it ( I did ESNA so we all had a place somewhere – just had to write a personal statement!) but it will be an exchange with Exeter so I imagine no huge application! Hahaha yes Greek Life is the best and I don’t know what other schools Exeter is paired with that have it!


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