It’s happening….the teenagepocalypse.

I woke up the other day and realised that I have ONE more year of my entire life left as a teenager. One more year until I have no excuse not to be an independent, fully functional, self-sustaining adult.

I have exactly 330 days to do the stupidest shit possible before I turn 20 and I can no longer get away with it.


To plunge me even further into crisis, I woke up the other day to the news that a girl in my year at school has just gotten engaged.



I don’t even have a boyfriend.

…Or a job…


What is my life?

Quick someone send me a university bucket list…

…and a life coach…

…and some vodka.

*Curls up in foetal position*


P.S. Am I really the only one who doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing with their life? Help me feel better, tell me about your life crisis in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Nineteen…

  1. haha no you’re not the only one. And still, you have one year left until you’re in your 20s. I also don’t know what to do. I am in my 5th semester of university right now. Officially, I should write my bachelor thesis in or after the 6th but I don’t exactly know what I am doing right now. All my plans for an exchange year to the U.S. failed this year. I put all my effort in it, and everything was just for nothing, only because of lack of money.
    So my plans for the future are totally mixed up.
    Don’t worry, 19 was my best year so far. enjoy it 😉 you can care about the rest later.

      1. I’d recommend London definitely, even though it can be a bit expensive, you’ll never run out of things to do and see. Leeds is knows as a really big party place…I haven’t heard much about Reading…Nottingham is supposed to be good. Of course I’d recommend Exeter as well 😉

      2. I am not sure if Exeter is a partner university of mine, but I have heard a lot of good things about Leeds as well 🙂 A girl who works together with me and is still studying english at my university was in Leeds two years ago or so. And she also liked it there.
        Although I have been to London once, I would still want to go there again, since i was so young back then and it only was for 2 days. It’s the Middlesex University in London that has a partnership with my university 🙂

      3. Yes London is amazing, wish I could visit more but the trains from here are so expensive! I’ve actually never heard of Middlesex University so I can’t tell you much about it I’m afraid. I’m sure you’ll love it wherever you end up though 🙂

  2. I know, it’s scary that we actually have to be adults! I am turning 20 on 30th October, so am going to make sure that I am as immature as I can be over the next few days! I’m engaged to my fiance, but I still try to me a big kid, much to his dismay!

  3. Christ, 19 was my worst year. 20 was brilliant and every year after has been just a response to the things that happen in life. You’re 19, you’re not old. and your 20’s are when you get to do the really crazy fucked up mistakes. Trust me. And, if you’re 19 and you don’t know what to do with your life, that just means you’re exactly like every other 19 year old out there (no matter what they say). I didn’t really, truly realize any inkling of what I wanted to do until I was 24. Even still, at Uni in England, far from my American home, I kind of feel like there are a hundred other things I still want to do besides Editing. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, stop being so ridiculous! Have fun, because these years are going to fly by. Just like all years. But seriously, you’re in school, you’re having fun, you’re on the right track.

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