Do you have a plaster?

Based on recent estimates, I now believe that I spend around 90% of my free time (and 100% of my…err….non-free time) staring at pictures of men… Hundreds of them, all on my phone. No…I haven’t just gotten cozy with the university rugby team, or the football team, or the lacrosse team… Le grande sigh. AndContinue reading “Do you have a plaster?”

The Illest MF Alive…

Oh yeah, the title of this post is totally a Kanye West reference…told you I was gangsta. *Tumbleweed* In all seriousness though, once again some sneaky bastard has infected me with their pathogens…I’ve only just managed to surface from the depths of my bed fort to write this. Not only do I have a hackingContinue reading “The Illest MF Alive…”

Having nun of it…

They’re dropping like flies… I’ve just found out that a SECOND person from my school year has gotten engaged…at NINETEEN. I, on the other hand, have decided to become a nun… According to Wiki How all I need to do is be single (check), not be on my deathbed (check), lack any dependents (check) andContinue reading “Having nun of it…”

What just happened?

If I could only use one word to sum up the past few weeks it would have to be bizarre. To be honest, I’m surprised that I can even remember my own name… Lets cut the crap. *Life update klaxon* One of my best friends from school came down from Essex for an insane nightContinue reading “What just happened?”