So you know when you’ve turned 25, saved a few thousand towards a house deposit, found a career you actually enjoy and taken up an interesting hobby/side hustle that “pays you to have fun”.

Yeah me neither.

And what better time to to confront your insecurities than during house arrest amidst the #coronacrisis?

In the name of self reflection and personal improvement, let’s all spend gift of time that has been so kindly “bestowed” upon us having a tea party with our failures…I imagine mine will go something like this:

“Hi lack of emergency savings fund, so nice of you to join us! Would you like a side of overpriced organic spelt pasta from an obscure online health food store with that Sainsbury’s own passata” (thank you to the genius who stocked up on sauce but no dry food before the crisis…oh wait that was me).

“Or how about some toilet roll to wipe your bum with after that post-meal poo…oh hang on…thanks to the hoarder brigade you’ll just have to make do with this leaf from my exotic house plant that by some stroke of fate I’ve heretofore managed to keep alive.”

Nothing like a good panic to highlight those areas of #adulting you haven’t quite got to grips with yet.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get enough my shit together to document my attempt to “fill in the gaps” this time…

Let me know in the comments how you’re all coping (or not if the case may be)…

P.S. I wouldn’t say humour was necessarily a therapist-approved coping mechanism during dark times, but hey…we all have our vices and this is first and foremost a humour blog.

P.P.S. On a side note I wanted to give myself shout out for the slick way in which I have casually revived my defunct blog from 2015…lets see if any of you OG readers are still out there…

L x

2 thoughts on “2020

  1. Lol cool post. When all the toilet paper went first my brother said “I don’t understand. If we are all getting isolated wouldn’t it smarter to get food first”. Lol I loved the read thank you

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