Do you have a plaster?

Based on recent estimates, I now believe that I spend around 90% of my free time (and 100% of my…err….non-free time) staring at pictures of men… Hundreds of them, all on my phone. No…I haven’t just gotten cozy with the university rugby team, or the football team, or the lacrosse team… Le grande sigh. AndContinue reading “Do you have a plaster?”

Give me a P, Give me an M, Give me an S…

What does it spell? Fuck off. Jokes. So I was just sitting here minding my own business, doing a bit of work when all of a sudden my iPad pinged up with a notification. “Aunt Flow is coming” Yes, I have a bloody app for it and yes that is the default message; I’m alsoContinue reading “Give me a P, Give me an M, Give me an S…”