The Liebster Award

*Makes a swishy entrance in large floppy hat, kaftan, bangles and sunglasses* Oh hello there, haven’t seen you for a while…I’ve just been busy…you know, traveling, finding myself, learning the arts of yoga, hybrid flowga and feng shui and uncovering the true meaning of life through my own self improvement and discovery. LOL Actually I’mContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

One Lovely Blog Award…

I’ve only been on WordPress for about three days but…turns out I’ve won an award! …Kinda. First of all I’d like to thank my parents for…you know….having me, my Nan’s cat Patches for being my earliest life companion, my primary school teachers for teaching me how to write… …I jest… But I would seriously likeContinue reading “One Lovely Blog Award…”