What just happened?

If I could only use one word to sum up the past few weeks it would have to be bizarre. To be honest, I’m surprised that I can even remember my own name… Lets cut the crap. *Life update klaxon* One of my best friends from school came down from Essex for an insane nightContinue reading “What just happened?”

Stalk Me (No, Actually)…A Day in the Life…

Well considering today is the two month anniversary of Overpacked and Underpaid, I thought that you and I would…you know…get to know eachother a little more…intimately. Here, I found your mind, I think you dropped it in the gutter… Boom boom! I’ll let myself out… Anyway all of you lovelies that actually read my posts, (andContinue reading “Stalk Me (No, Actually)…A Day in the Life…”

I’m bored, I’m the chairman of the bored…

I had the most boring lecture in the history of all lectures today. The professor kept jumping from topic to topic and relapsing into her native language…DO I LOOK BILINGUAL TO YOU? Oh why thank you. (I’m not) Does this face look bovvered about whether the Treason Act of 1351 which forbid imagining the deathContinue reading “I’m bored, I’m the chairman of the bored…”

I’m an adult…

So if you read my Quarter Life Crisis post, where I had a mini mental breakdown, you’ll know that I was really hating the course that I was on an my uni wasn’t letting me transfer… Well I’ve spent the majority of my waking hours over the past two weeks running around campus like aContinue reading “I’m an adult…”

Quarter life crisis…..

Why do these things always have to happen to me… Of the 4000 odd new undergraduate students this year, why do I seem to be the only one who doesn’t know what the hell they want to do with their life. Okay so I’ll back track a little… I originally applied to university to studyContinue reading “Quarter life crisis…..”