Oh hi October 2nd! I’ve been off the internet for a few days, if you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have…. No? *Whatever sign with fingers whilst simultaneously rotating on spinny chair* Anyway…while I’ve been quite happily (or unhappily as the case may be…post coming soon) going about my daily life unawares, turns outContinue reading “GGG…”

Out on the Push…

Now you may have heard the turn of phrase “out on the pull” but sometimes when your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, you kind of don’t want it to… Being at university has been my first “proper” taste of the clubbing lifestyle, and can I just say, I’ve had my arse grabbedContinue reading “Out on the Push…”

On Wednesdays we wear pink….

Believe it or not, I’ve done a lot more this week than just poison myself with toxic substances… A large majority of my time has been taken up by joining societies,¬†which¬†basically involves being pounced on by third years until you cave and pay thirty quid to join their Where’s Wally hide and seek club (exists)….Continue reading “On Wednesdays we wear pink….”

Quarter life crisis…..

Why do these things always have to happen to me… Of the 4000 odd new undergraduate students this year, why do I seem to be the only one who doesn’t know what the hell they want to do with their life. Okay so I’ll back track a little… I originally applied to university to studyContinue reading “Quarter life crisis…..”


I am a disgusting cliche of a human being. I’m sorry, I tried guys, I really did. Remember in my ‘starting uni post’ when I said that everyone around me was on a mission to get as drunk an uninhibited as possible, and it was kind of freaking me out? I’d been teetotal and didn’tContinue reading “#freshersweekfail”

Overpacked is jam packed…

Into a mini… …with all her university stuff… So I probably should have posted this before the “I’m at uni” post but you know #YOLO and all that… Turns out actually getting to uni was going to be much harder than I originally thought. I packed everything into boxes and suitcases and put them outContinue reading “Overpacked is jam packed…”

I’m at university…

I was absolutely bloody convinced I was not going to get into university this year. I’d filled my mum in with plans A, B, C, D, E and F and I’d prepared a note on my iPad with all the possible clearing vacancies and numbers. Turns out I did get in. Now I’m at university,Continue reading “I’m at university…”